Saturday, May 01, 2004

.calibra updated!

Spent a good few hours with the Turbo today. And the pics are HERE.

Tommorow there should be more and by Monday I hope to have MOST of the engine here at home. We'll see if it works out that way or not!

Friday, April 30, 2004

Starting grid

It's Friday and tomorrow (throughout the weekend) I'm back on the car... assuming the weather lets me of course! Doesn't look good at the moment I must admit... :(

Either way I need to do something. I'm picking up an engine crane this afternoon with the hope that I can get the engine out of the Calibra this weekend. I've yet to get anywhere constructive but time will tell.... Should be "fun".

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

Japanese "modding" and Japanese "modding"

This VWVortex link is beyond explanation.

Weird doesn't even begin to cover it.

Two VERY strange auctions!

First is the Size 12 wedding dress currently bidding at around $13million. Hmm. But that's Ebay for you!

The second is a Boeing 727 converted in to a home. Or to be more presise - a company that will sell you one and put it anywhere. It's real too - though a bit crazy! Still, I guess if we were all the same life would be a little dull eh!

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

If only it were true...

SP1 for Star Trek? Ah I could just see it happening! Continuity? No problem.. we'll just correct it later! LOL!

Anyway - the "article" is right HERE

XBox NEXT/2 spec

Right HERE

Make your own mind up!

Monday, April 26, 2004

The '05 Boxster Coupe

It's certainly interesting and does indeed distance the marque more from the 911 (which can only be a good thing).
However it does look a little odd... but I guess these pics aren't actual offical shots!
Bring back my aircooled!

Surely no one likes the Supra...

THIS much?

I mean. You can modify - but there is a point where it becomes silly. But then what do I know? The modifications to my Calibra already way outcost the actual value of the car!

Do you have a K&N on your car?

Then have a look HERE

Interesting, no?

Sunday, April 25, 2004

Engine rebuild... progress

Yes believe it or not there is progress!

Today myself and my good friend Si (1 or 2) spent time stripping the engine bay of electrics, fluids and such before the engine comes out. I was quite surprised how many cables, hoses and clips that had to be removed so the engine can come out cleanly! And I'm not done. We've done the bulk of the work (including clutch-cable-son-of-a-bitch) but the driveshafts need to be popped as does the txb.... that happens next weekend (hopefully with the engine following!).

No pics from today.. but there will be next week ;)