Thursday, October 06, 2005

A few bits and bobs

Good morning all...

Well, things are actually busy with me. Work has been hellish - with actual work coming in and having to be done. With that in mind - you can see why I've not updated the site (at all). I still intend to but things just run away with you.

On the subject of work - well it's not good. We'll either lose our jobs to outsourcing or simply downsizing very soon (How soon?!) and there isn't much on the horizon. Russ (my work colleague) has broken his ankle - so that just makes things worse (well, I have to do more work for a start!). Meh.. that's life eh.
I'm tempted to get out of IT...

There is nothing really new on the car front - the Clio is up for sale though as I have my sister's Rover 214Si. It's a little newer and a bit safer (airbags) and with Gemma coming close to getting a licence, I'd rather the car she drove was up to the job of keeping her safe.
The Calibra is fine - I'm not using it much (the odd drive) but it still needs mapping etc but I just don't have the money (see above about the job situ!). It'll get done when I'm happy with the rest of my life! :P

Gemma is back to Uni now. Um. Yeah. She's enjoying it but it means she's not here. :( - not much else I can say on that subject really. Just can't wait for July next year.

Linkies... pop over to and check out "A Trek Life". It's a funny comic... even if you hate Star Trek you might enjoy it!
How about a 200gb iPod Nano? Err yeah... Lol.
Or even The Optimus Keyboard. This one I like. :)
Don't forget that both Wallace and Gromit and Harry Potter are on their way too!

Umm.. what else. Oh yes.

The Classic Car Show is at the NEC in Birmingham between the 4th and 6th November. I'm going along on the Sunday to meet up with my DeLorean folk and to have a good nose around. Should be a good show.
Also in the same vein is MPH '05. I went last year but really can't afford to go this time round. It IS a fantastic show though - with a live arena where cars get taken around by Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and Tiff Needell. I recommend it highly.

Okay that's it for now.. back later :)