Friday, July 16, 2004

.calibra updated!

This time with pics of the Water Injection kit and O2 housing for the turbo.

Half Life 2 thieves caught

Never underestimate the power of game fans...

Guardian article. :)

Thursday, July 15, 2004

KITT for sale.. well, auction.

Right HERE!
If you dream of being a German singing superstar then now may be your best chance.

(only 7 foot tall curly haired men need apply)

July 30th. 1pm (PDT).

Expects over $60k!

Doom 3 is GOLD

I need not place any links here as before you've finished it you'll no doubt be bored by the fuss... however, Gamespy and Slashdot have stories and links.

Release is August 6th in the US. We'll get it some time around then too. Can I wait? Yeah... pretty much.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

The Times Online

I only direct you to one area... this one.

It's Jeremy Clarkson's. It's hilarious.

What to read, see and do...

Well there is a lot going on at the moment. New films to see, websites to visit and places to be. Recently I've found the following kinda interesting in one way or another:

Spiderman 2 - This really needs little introduction (unless you live at "1 UnderRock Road"). But suffice to say it's going to rock. Totally. (How teenage did that sound?
Alien Vs Predator - I'm unsure whether this film will suck royally or be a great hack/slash/vapourise film. Everything I read points to this being a poor film - but the trailer looks quite cool.
Of course the gaping holes in the story line (Aliens on our Earth today.. hmm) might detract somewhat but we'll see soon enough!
The Terminal - I like Tom Hanks. He's always been a good bet when it comes to acting. This little gem looks to be very clever. Basically Tom is a foreigner entering the US. While he was enroute his country had a military cou. Thus Tom is stuck in "The Terminal"... a bit of a love story but why not.
The Incredibles - Pixar's next CG flick. I'll reserve judgement on this one for now...
I-Robot - Will Smith in a film based on a series of short stories (Isaac Asimov). This, again, could work and then again, it may not. Will doesn't come to mind as the ideal lead here (to me) as it doesn't really feel like a comedy.. and I associate most stuff Will does with that. Sure, Enemy of the State was good but still. One to watch!
All the above links are to Apple Trailers.

TV Adverts - Always fun.. seeing old and interesting adverts all over again (some are bad,mind).
More TV adverts - Same as above.. hell, Google the rest you lazy so and so!

Patricia Cornwell - The Scarpetta novels - I'm six books in now (From Potter's Field) and really enjoying them. I'm told they go down hill later on but so far so good. If you like forensic medicene and the odd murder you'll like this ;)
Harry Potter - You've seen the films; read the books. Go on then!

Star Wars: Galaxies - I'm now six months in to playing this (if not longer!) and loving it. Soon to be Bounty Hunter and then maybe a Jedi if I can survice the trials, it's a clever and absorbing way to spend your free time (should you have any). Go have a nose. Now. Well?
Halo 2 - About to hit the XBox (November 9th) and ruin our Christmas. Friends? What are they? :)
Half Life 2 - Well this may, or may not be released. Ever. But, if it is then once again we will lose reality and friendships over a computer game. Geeky? Hell yes. Bring it ON!
Doom 3 - Not sure on this one. Could be great as it's a remake. Could be pants (as the videos suggest). If it is just eye candy it will occupy my hard disk for about 10 minutes.

Stupid joke.. but hella funny!

Sean Connery gets a call from his agent one day.

The agent says, "Sean, I've got you a job, starts tomorrow, early. You'll have to be there for 10-ish".

Sean furrows his brow and says, "Tennish? But I don't even have a

Which movie villian are you?

Click here to find out... personally, I'm Agent Smith from the Matrix. Hmm. Cool.
Now I just need to find... Mr. Anderson.

Isn't the South exciting?

Check this out. Roads were a nightmare (as you can well imagine!).

Monday, July 12, 2004

Biorhythms... real or not?

Well if these 2 graphs are anything to go by I'd have to say, not. They clearly contradict one another (try Googling it and do it yourself, every one is different!).

Here are the graphs:

Plus, from research on my part I can tell you that physically and mentally they don't read right either. Last Friday I was on form - today I feel the complete opposite.

It's probably completely "in the mind" so to speak. ;)