Friday, January 28, 2005

Cool weblog!

It's already been featured on FHM with the really funny Bunny Suicides. But I thought I'd like directly to Sex and fun. :)

Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Ooh I've been a lazy so and so!

Yeah I've not been blogging. I'm a bad person (yeah shut it you!).

But I have my reasons. Mainly I've been too busy - even here at work - to blog. Or post links. It's not for the want of trying (although the amount of links I've found hasn't been great either) and I'll try to get back up to speed! :)

Recent weeks I've been working, then doing some more work, then finding time to eat, play WoW (with my bro) or spend some "quality" time under the car. Notice I haven't mentioned Gemma? Well I haven't seen her since the beginning of the month due to exams but I've managed a few 5 minute conversations with her. I've just been trying to keep busy really!

The car is almost finished (I really should update the page!). I'm really only waiting on one hose... but I'll explain that on the Calibra page :)

WoW is going surprisingly well. I've not played much over the last week simple because I haven't had the time (or it's been late and I've gone to bed). But I'm nearly level 29 and am still really enjoying it. Dean (my bro) is around level 32/33.. but he's a nutter. :D

Right.. more to do. Will post again later ;)

CD spun to death!

Here. Yup.. in fact it's probably not worth explaining. Just look.

But don't try it yourself, eh?