Wednesday, November 16, 2005

First 360 reviews up

Yup, has the first reviews of games such as PGR3, Amped 3 and Call of Duty 2. Hmm... PGR3 is almost worth buying the machine for! Eek!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Hmm, Sci Fi madness

I was just reading on Scifi wire about a few crazy news items. First is the "Sarah Connor Chronicles". Um, why? It'll be pants. Surely it'll be pants? The Terminator without The Terminator. I assume it'd be her work between T2 and her death... or maybe not. Oh and it's a TV Show (see..)
Then there is Blade.. the TV show. This one is already in production. Um.. why? Again? WHY? WS was Blade, I'll find it hard to accept a tame, evening-style (no gore) TV show like this. Oh well.
Then there is the Robocop remake. This could go either "Batman Begins" and be great, or Batman Forever... and not so great. I still think the original is good (in a cheesy way) so I think it's a bit early to be remaking it.

Then there is Jenifer Garner not returning (rumour) to Series 6 of Alias. Since it's her show, about her character, that makes little sense to me. I can understand shows moving main characters on (as Alias has done); SG1 manages it nicely, but the main character? Nah...

At least there is some real news. X-Men 3 is nearly shot - Stan Lee is talking about his cameo (the above link). Fantastic Four 2 is on it's way; although Jessica Alba may not return (:()