Saturday, January 20, 2007

Yes, I'm getting old...

...and with it, the overpowering urge to buy a 4-door car. Okay, it's not any old 4-door, and it does go like hell. It still is, however, after everything, a 4-door. A saloon at that and worst of all it's German.
I makes me sad inside, seriously, to wake up and peer out the window to see my hulking great V8 monster of a Monaro out there and think "it's not as nice as the four door audi".
Screw it. Not that it matters anyway - it's twice as expensive as the Monaro and would make me look like a stuck up arsehole of man that is spending all his free time trying to prove to BMW M3 owners that I too can only drive in the outside lane and have also forgotten what indicators are (blinkers, repeaters.. what ever).
What is it? RS4.


Okay. It's worse. £57k with options (excluding the ceramics).

Ooh, better. £48k with 2000 miles on the clock. Ouch - that's depreciation. Hehe... cool. :p

Thursday, January 18, 2007


How's things? I'm fine thanks... and Burning Crusade just arrived - which probably means my life is effectively over.

What else? Ah yes, I'm no longer moving home. Turns out it's not quite as 'in the bag' as you'd think. We even lost the house we had put an offer in because of over-zealous estate agents. I now know what I need to - and will be more careful when I DO next year. Hmm.

Get over to Gateworld and read up on Stargate and the movies - oh yes, the movie :D

And finally. I bought one of these to replace the Calibra (yeah it's finally going!). Why? It's the cheapest car in the UK to run - and the Monaro ain't goin' nowhere!

I'm aim to misbehave. You with me?

New F35 Lightening II

I had no idea there were four models of this new fighter. It's more than just impressive. Have a look.